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Marcus Bustos

I Am A Learning Student

I am A Student Therefore I Am

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About Me

I am a 19 years old learning student in Information technology and coding. I make sure to do my works on working days then spend my time playing video games and watching television. I may be bad at the start of learning something but it gets progressively better the longer I follow or study it.

  • Web Developing
    Average Website Like this one
  • UI designing
    Website for image use
  • 2023
    Started coding
  • Languages

My Services

Web Development

This is the only thing I can do right now. More will be coming soon

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What i Have

Retail store

Inventory System

A Restobar

A Restobar Website

Restobar Bootsrap

The restobar but with bootsrap

School Website

The very first one

My Certificates

Soon to have more

A To-Do List App

Make your schedule

Type of Forms in php

Submit forms

Queing System


Social Media

Socibal Website

Class Record System


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